Momentis Energy Review – How To Put Your Business On Steriods

In this Momentis Energy Review I am going to cover several things about the company, compensation plan and how to grow your business.

What Is Momentis Energy:

Momentis is based out of Dallas, TX and it’s marketing arm is Just Energy which is a public energy company that began in 1997 in Ontario, Canada they currently have over 1.4 million customers. Their head companies are located in Toronto, Ontario and Canada they furnish natural gas and electricity in deregulated boundaries of Canada and the US. See this site

Lots of people have really been amazed about this particular company because of their rapid growth and development. Momentis Energy now endorses their products and services through network marketing who involves building strong relationships.


Momentis Energy Compensation Plan:

The starting cost to join Momentis Energy is $399 along with a yearly fee of $99 this has to be done through a sponsor this pays for training and the initiation for products sales and a website for the sales reps.

There Are 5 Different Levels In The Momentis Energy Comp Plan:

a) Momentum Immediate Bonuses – After the online certification is done the members have to sign up 2 customers just to begin earning their bonus within 30 days. It grows as the customer base grows who are enrolled on their particular team.

b) Mentor Bonus – Every time a new marketing representative is sponsored the members earn a mentor bonus and there aren’t any extents on how many people a mentor can sponsor.

c) My team bonus – This is the distributors first team where the first 3 independent representatives are important for other bonuses earned in the future.

d) My leadership bonus – You will help you team members go higher in ranks and you earn more. When you make it to Senior Director then you will start getting bonuses for people that your team members bring in. The higher your leadership ranks the bigger your bonus checks will start get.

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